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“Mom, do you love meeee?”

Beautiful. I often wondered over the years if Emily understood love and by now I believe she does and it’s the spontaneous “I love you, you are the best mom, this is the best day ever…” That reinforce my belief. I. worked hard on the concept of love and self-esteem and regardless of the situation, how upset or disappointed I am, I always make a point to remind Emily that I still love her and will always love her.
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Taking it a Step at a Time

I love you Magly

From the time that I was old enough to think about it, I always promised myself that if I were ever to have children that there would never be a second in their lives that they would not know that they are loved. This would never be something that they would have to wonder about – not for a single moment…

I think I have lived up to that promise to myself.

DC can and does tell me that he loves me many times a day – complete with and accompanied by the “I love you sign”. I know that he understands in his own way, what that means. This is not to say that I believe it is always all about me. Much of the time it is but there are times when he just needs to have something to say. It’s kind of a comfort thing for him. He says…

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