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Foreword to Nolanisms

New blog! Nolan plays baseball with Emily, I’ve known him and his family for years and love the stories his dad shares on Facebook. I can’t wait to dive into his new blog and I hope you will stop by and read it too!


When my son Nolan was three months old, he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome (https://williams-syndrome.org/what-is-williams-syndrome). In short, Nolan is intellectually  disabled and has several medical challenges that include a heart condition, high blood pressure, Hyperacusis (sensitive hearing), Musculoskeletal problems, and ADHD.

I often describe Williams Syndrome as a cross between the better known disorders of Autism and Downs Syndrome. Like Downs, WS people are very friendly, affectionate and trusting…to a fault. They don’t see bad in anyone, only good. Other WS traits include a very heightened level of empathy, great affinity for music and they are all extremely social. They are often described as the “Cocktail Speakers” because they always seem to know what to say and when to say it (sometimes honest to a fault as well!). However, I believe this ties in with their strong emotional sensitivities and their gifted memory, which is a good segue to the autistic side of things. Like…

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