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10 thoughts on “A Little a Request

  1. Ok, I’ve hit the “follow” button. That’s quite amazing, 900 followers? Geez, like I told her, I’m stunned that I have 35 followers. Still not sure why I do, but I can’t see EVER getting close to that number!

      • I’m 46 so I’ll ask on my 50th I guess, if I’m even on here then. I don’t think it’s possible for me, not that it’s my goal for doing this anyway. I’m still amazed anyone gives a darn about any of my ramblings anyway. And, yes, 300 is impressive too!

      • I know what ya mean. I started doing this as a journal. Never really anticipated people reading and liking it. Found some amazing people and blogs along the way, yours included. Even though our kids’ have different disorders, I feel like we’ve probably had similar experiences throughout the process. I haven’t written much about my son, but I plan to in the near future. Glad you’re putting your story out there. It’s good for other parents to see success stories.

      • It took us a long time before we talked openly about Emily’s syndrome and our challenges. It’s not easy as it leaves us vulnerable. Back in 2013, Emily was 14 and decided to do a presentation at school on cri du chat syndrome because she wanted her class to know more about it, about her and about our upcoming trip to New York City to go to a conference all about her syndrome. I figured if she could do it, I probably could too :). She started all of this!

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