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Pedals for Peyton

Peyton is getting her bike!!!! This is so exciting!!!!

Lessons from my daughter

UPDATE April 18 2015: Peyton is getting her bike!!!


Do you remember how it all started?

I mean my blog… 🙂

Emily was excited about going to New York to the Cri du chat syndrome conference and decided to tell the world about her syndrome. She made a presentation at school and I started writing this blog.

My way of sharing how Emily has been inspiring us daily.

When we finally made it to the conference, we met incredible families.

One on them is Peyton’s family.

That little girls stole all of our hearts from the moment we met her. Peyton’s smile and ability to walk and dance was so amazing to us. I couldn’t stop looking at her. Haley was attentive and caring for her younger sister and Jeff and Kelly appeared to be looking at Emily as much as we looked at Peyton. Such an inspiring little…

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