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What is perfection?

Is it possible that my perfection is different than yours?

Spring 2003

I remember my new general manager asking me: “Are you a perfectionist?”

Me: “Yes?”

Him: “How is the back seat of your car”


I had to think about this for a couple of seconds…..

I don’t lie so…….. “It’s a mess!”

Him: “But you said you are a perfectionist? How can your car be messy?”


This was one of these moments when I decided to try to explain my reality, my perfection!

The back sit of my car was a mess, still is. At the time, we had driven for a couple of days to move to this new place and that meant Emily was sitting back there in her car seat and needed to be entertained! Some music kept her entertain but one thing that always worked was a piece of paper…. She would take that piece of paper and slowly brake it into tons of tiny pieces…… mostly with her mouth, chewing away at it but not eating them.

She could spend hours doing that! That meant that for the longest time she was entertained. She was quiet and happy!

When Emily is happy, we are happy! The 3 of us happy is perfection!

My perfection!!!

So I sat there and told this to my new general manager, I wanted him to understand that my perfection was not less perfect because it didn’t match his perfection.

Perfection is relative!

To this day, I look at my messy house than at my happy daughter and I smile!

My perfection!

Let me ask you, What is perfection? Is it possible that mine is different than yours?


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